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Residential and Commercial Shredding

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We are your local, family run document shredding company and we offer a paper shredding service when you need us.

If you are clearing an office, a study at home or simply want to have general paper work destroyed, we can help you from just 1 bag to 1001 bags.

We offer both one-off and regular shredding services to both domestic and commercial clients, helping you keep your confidential documents secure. Our secure shredding process ensures that all documents are securely destroyed beyond recognition and can be tailored to your individual needs. Whether you need a one-off shredding job or a regular shredding service, we can help.

Our state-of-the-art collection vans are 100% electric and feature real-time tracking, sat nav and onboard CCTV technology for added security. Our experienced drivers have been working with us for many years, providing a safe and secure shredding service.

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Our service extends across a 40-mile radius of Hinckley, encompassing areas such as Coalville, Leicester, Rugby, Coventry, Loughborough, Measham, and numerous other towns.


We provide our reliable paper shredding services to both businesses and residential customers.

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Step 1 - Order your bags

Our confidential paper shredding bags are used to collect and transport your personal and confidential paperwork to the shredder.


The bags are approximately two feet high and have a volume of 35 litres and can hold around 15KG of paper work. 

We will either post or hand deliver the sacks to you.


Step 2 - Filling your bags

Fill the bags and seal them with the supplied security tags. 

We only require paper within our bags (staples and paperclips are fine) but no plastic wallets, folders with metal rings or other non paper/card related items.

Each bag can hold around 4/5 reams of paper -thats about 2000/2500 sheets!

Paper Shredding Collection Van

Step 3 - Arrange drop off/collection

Email or call us to arrange collection or drop off.


 We will ensure the bags are sealed and the security tag number recorded.


Our vehicles are tracked and have CCTV to ensure your sensitive data is protected until it is destroyed.

How it works?

Archive Box

Do you have archive boxes that need shredding?

We now accept archive boxes and contents direct, this saves you time and hassle of transferring from a box into a secure sack.

These can also be dropped off at our facility or we can offer a collection service from your home of business.

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All your sensitive paper work is destroyed using one of our industrial paper shredders. Once your confidential paper work is shredded into small irregular sized pieces, it is then compacted into bales and taken away for recycling.

We own and operate a large industrial shredder at our site in Barwell, All our staff are vetted for security purposes.

Our machine easily shreds paper, files, card folders and everything else paper related that gets put through the it.

We are unable to offer an onsite shredding service at your property.

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1-20 Bags - £8.00 per bag


21 -50 Bags - £7.00 per bag

51-100 Bags - £6.00 per bag

101+ bags - £4.75 per bag

Chargeable Collection is available upon request - please contact us with your postcode for a collection price

All prices are fully INCLUSIVE of VAT

600 high final cabinet

Shredding Consoles

We offer lockable shredding consoles bins to collect documents for shredding in your office, helping to keep your information secure and out of the wrong hands before it is shredded. 

Lockable & Secure Cabinet

Simple 12 Month Contract

Shredding Console in Beech

Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Collection

Certificate of Destruction Issued

For more information and pricing please use our contact form below...

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GTB Paper Shredding, 7 Moat Way, Barwell, Leicestershire, LE9 8EY

Telephone: 01455 697660 or e-mail:

Notice: Our offices are not always manned, and we operate on an appointment basis. Please call or start an online chat to make an appointment/check availability.

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