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Residential and Commercial Shredding

Waste Carrier License: CBDU340450 



At GTB Paper Shredding, we take pride in being your local, family-run document shredding company, offering convenient paper shredding services whenever you need them.

Whether you're clearing out an office, organizing your home study, or simply looking to dispose of general paperwork, we're here to assist you, whether you have just one bag or an impressive 1001 bags of documents.

We cater to both one-off and regular shredding needs, serving domestic and commercial clients alike. Our primary aim is to help you safeguard your confidential documents. Our secure shredding process guarantees the complete destruction of all materials beyond recognition, and we tailor our services to meet your unique requirements. Whether it's a single shredding task or an ongoing shredding service, we've got you covered.

Our fleet of state-of-the-art collection vans is fully electric and equipped with real-time tracking, satellite navigation, and onboard CCTV technology to ensure added security throughout the process. Our experienced drivers have been part of our team for many years, ensuring a safe and secure shredding service you can trust.

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Our service extends across a 40-mile radius from Hinckley, Leicestershire, encompassing various prominent locations such as Leicester, Derby, Rugby, Coventry, Loughborough, Measham, Swadlincote, Market Harborough, Lichfield, Coalville, Derby, Nottingham,Tamworth, Solihull and numerous other towns.

Furthermore, we have a franchised branch situated in Ross-on-Wye, which also serves a 20-mile radius.

Our reliable paper shredding service is available to both business and residential customers, ensuring that your document disposal needs are met with trust and convenience.

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Order your secure shredding bags

Step 1 - Order your bags

Our confidential shredding bags are the ideal solution for safely transporting your personal and confidential paperwork for shredding.

These bags are designed to be highly secure, measuring two feet in height and boasting a generous capacity of 35 liters. They are capable of holding up to 15 kilograms of paperwork.

For your convenience, we offer a delivery service for these bags, ensuring they reach you directly. Whether you prefer delivery by post or hand delivery, we've got you covered.

Full shredding bag

Step 2 - Filling your bags

Fill the bags and seal them with the supplied security tags. 

To use the bags, simply fill them with your paper documents and seal them securely using the provided security tags. Please note that we can only accept paper in these bags, and staples and paperclips are absolutely fine. However, we cannot process plastic wallets, folders with metal rings, or any other non-paper or non-card related items.


You'll be pleased to know that each bag has the capacity to hold approximately 4 to 5 reams of paper, which translates to around 2000 to 2500 sheets of paper. This generous capacity ensures you can efficiently and securely dispose of a substantial volume of documents.

GTB Shredding Collection Van

Step 3 - Arrange

drop off/collection

To arrange the collection or drop-off of your filled bags, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email, phone or online chat. We'll make certain that the bags are properly sealed and that the security tag number is diligently recorded for tracking purposes.

Rest assured, our vehicles are equipped with tracking systems and CCTV to maintain the utmost security and protect your sensitive data until it is securely and thoroughly destroyed. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

How it works?

Archive Box Shredding

Do you have archive boxes that need shredding?

We're delighted to inform you that we now offer the option to accept archive boxes and their contents directly. This convenient service eliminates the need for you to transfer documents from the box into a secure sack, saving you time and hassle.

You have the flexibility to either drop off your archive boxes at our facility, or if it's more convenient for you, we can arrange a collection service from your home or business. Our goal is to make the process as effortless and efficient as possible for you.

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Rest assured that all your sensitive paperwork undergoes thorough destruction through our industrial paper shredders. Once your confidential documents are shredded into small, irregular-sized pieces, they are then compacted into bales and transported for recycling.

At our facility in Barwell, Leicestershire, we own and operate a substantial industrial shredder to ensure the utmost security and efficiency. Our staff members are rigorously vetted for security purposes to maintain the integrity of the shredding process.

Our advanced machine can easily shred paper, files, card folders, and any other paper-related materials that are processed through it.


Please note that we do not provide an on-site shredding service at your property.

Your documents will be safely and securely processed at our facility.


1-20 Bags - £8.00 per bag


21 -50 Bags - £7.00 per bag

51-100 Bags - £6.00 per bag

101+ bags - £4.75 per bag

Chargeable Collection is available upon request - please contact us with your postcode for a collection price

All prices are fully INCLUSIVE of VAT 

The above prices are for our Leicestershire branch only please click HERE for our Herefordshire Franchise Branch

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600 high final cabinet

Shredding Consoles

We provide lockable shredding console bins designed for collecting documents in your office, ensuring the security of your information and preventing it from falling into the wrong hands prior to shredding.


Our lockable and secure cabinet offers:

    •    A straightforward 12-month contract

    •    Shredding consoles available in a beech finish

    •    Flexible collection options: weekly, fortnightly, or monthly

    •    A Certificate of Destruction issued upon completion


For additional details and pricing information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via our contact form, which can be found below. We're here to address your specific needs and concerns, providing you with a tailored solution for document security and disposal.

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Data Destruction 

We offer comprehensive data destruction services, catering to various media types commonly used to store information.
Our services encompass the secure disposal of hard drives, USB sticks, floppy disks, DVDs/CDs, and video tapes, ensuring complete peace of mind for our clients.


GTB Paper Shredding, 7 Moat Way, Barwell, Leicestershire, LE9 8EY

Telephone: 01455 697660 (option 2)



Notice: Our offices are not always manned, and we operate on an appointment basis. Please call or start an online chat to make an appointment/check availability.

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